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Acne Treatments

So here’s the real truth about Acne Treatments and Scar Removal techniques – even with all the treatment and possible means of prevention, having acne can still lead to terrible scarring. Even slight scarring is an embarrassing reminder all over the face of what happened, and so removing scars and fading them out as best as you can is important to keep your self-esteem high.

It can be a relief to find that a pimple is gone, really, but such a nightmare to find it replaced with a deeper scar instead. Lesions, especially cysts, intensely damage the collagen with inflammation and cause this scarring.

People who have darker skin can have darkened spots inside of these scars, and those with lighter skin can have redness inside of them. Avoid exposing scars to sunlight, which can darken them and slow down their healing.

when it actually slows the healing as well. Cortisone and fade creams are the proper treatment for acne scars.